Sunday, May 08, 2005

Why I'm switching from Yahoo

I think I'm pretty familiar with Star Wars. I know as well as anyone what Episode III will cover. I do not, however, want to spoil the experience of the movie by learning more than is common knowledge before its release.

I intentionally steer clear of potential spoiler material, and most people are savvy enough to let you know if their review or article contains spoilers. The major media releaes usually don't have spoilers at all. Usually.

Over the past week I've read in two different places a piece of Episode III storyline that I was unaware of. And like I said, if it's common knowledge or able to be inferred from the other movies, I know it'll be in there. I didn't know this. One of the places I saw this bit of info was in the TV Guide Mom sent me. (Thanks, Mom! I love you.) It also appeared on in an entertainment article.

That is why I will no longer be using for Web-based email or any other services. The Star Wars thing is bad enough, but I'm also getting sick and tired of blinking ads distracting me as I try to read my email.

I'm now using Gmail. If you're emailing me, use the same email address, just swap "gmail" for "yahoo".


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