Saturday, April 16, 2005

Do not waste your time on these movies:

Duplex (with Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore)
The cover of the DVD says, and I quote, "Smart and wildly funny... you'll love this movie."
I can't tell you how wrong every letter of that statement is. It's like saying, "Ice cubes eat 8 meals a day and will read your mail for you," only even more wrong. The truth is 180 degrees from that statement. I'm... I'm speechless.

The Day After Tomorrow
The best claim the cover of this DVD can make is, "From the director of Independence Day." I rest my case.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
This one says, "From the director of Blade." Even worse.
And the really upsetting part is I love the books by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill. They'd deserve their own post, but I strongly recommend them. They're "comic books", but for adults with a knowledge of turn-of-the century literature. Seriously intelligent and detailed.
I don't think there's an official site, but this one gives a good overview:
If/when you do read the books, check out the Annotations link from that Web site. It takes you to a fan's collection of notes where he goes frame by frame identifying the references and such. It will humble you. I thought I was clever and in on all of the references, but there's more than any one person could catch, so the Annotations are fun to read through with a copy of the book in your hand.


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